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How to support bile flow?

That pain, that discomfort that you have if you really understand what's happening it's probably not even in the gallbladder itself. It's in the bile ducts, the tubes. It's kind backing up and putting pressure because it's thicker. We have a combination of what the bile that's going through there as well as the cholesterol.

The way to solve this is to increase more bile and things that will act like bile, you should be taking choline through the day and bile salts with your meals on an empty stomach to the point where you're getting a nice flow like a river that's flowing through those ducts. And so there's no more pain. You may need more than the average person. And then you just avoid the nuts, the peanut butter right now. And unfortunately the dairy but the saturated fat that comes in meat in a moderate amount, should actually stimulates more production of bile. It's not going to worsen things. What will worsen things is if you add like a coconut oil or vegetable oils especially fried foods because it's Omega six but fatty fish from salmon will not aggravate the gallbladder at all.

Last updated: Mar 15, 2024 14:13 PM