Where Do I Start?

I am struggling to commit to keto and intermittent fasting 100%. What do you suggest?

Something is better than nothing. The best way is to start gradually. Some people struggle if they cut down all carbs immediately and start eating once a day. This is because it’s too fast a change for their bodies, especially if they are used to frequent meals and a high-carb diet.

Another helpful idea is adding MCT oil to your diet. It is great for people beginning a ketogenic diet and an intermittent fasting plan. It will reduce the cravings and will allow you to fast longer. Make sure you start taking it gradually as you may have digestive issues like nausea after consuming too much.

The longer you follow a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting the easier it will be. This is because your body will adapt to fat burning. You will feel uplifted, with no cravings and hunger and more energy.

Make sure you consume enough nutrients that support you during the transition to fat burning. You can get them by consuming plenty of vegetables as well as by adding nutritional yeast to your diet.

Take these suggestions, do what you can and keep working towards the goal.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 16:00 PM