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I can't do keto due to my intense cravings - what do I do?

Many people fear they won’t be able to do a keto diet due to their intense cravings. Fortunately, keto and intermittent fasting can actually get rid of your cravings for good.

High insulin lowers your blood sugar, causing you to have food cravings. Lowering insulin can help normalize blood sugars and prevent cravings from happening in the first place.

Eating carbs triggers insulin, so a low-carb diet is key to preventing insulin spikes. Protein can also trigger insulin if you consume too much, so make sure only to consume a moderate amount of protein.

Fat has zero effect on insulin, so it’s important to consume more fat with your meals. Make sure to also consume a large quantity of vegetables.

When you go from sugar-burning to fat-burning, there is a transition phase that occurs before you become fully keto-adapted. Oftentimes, it takes 3 days to stop cravings for good. Electrolyte powder, B vitamins from nutritional yeast, and apple cider vinegar with each meal can help speed up this process.

Last updated: Sep 05, 2023 19:00 PM