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I don’t have a gallbladder—do I have enough enzymes to break down protein?

Typically when you remove the gallbladder now we no longer have the quantity of concentrated bile because the gallbladder is supposed to concentrate the bile. Now we have a less concentrated amount of bile and sometimes a deficiency of bile which then shows up as a deficiency of vitamin A, B, E, K, omega-3 fatty acids. We have to look out for those things.

I would take either my gallbladder formula or another bile salt product to start to help you with that. Now, let's say you want to know when do I have enough that I don't need any more bile? If you start to have loose stools or maybe even diarrhea, then you've taken too much. Too much bile will cause excess elimination. Too little bile tends to cause constipation. You want that happy medium.

Last updated: Jun 14, 2024 20:23 PM