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I have an iodine deficiency, but at times it’s too much when measured—why does this happen?

They're measuring iodine in the blood, but what about, that's only one place in the body that you have it. The same thing with potassium or magnesium. Blood is not the best place to evaluate these mineral reserve issues, even like the majority of the iodine is stored in your thyroid. So you do a blood test, and you may or may not show up, but you could do a skin test, that would be better. You take cotton swab of some iodine from the drugstore, 2%, rub it on the inside of your arm or thigh, and cover it up with a little band-aid thing, and then within 24 hours, if you notice it's gone, that coloring, or it's really lightened, chances are you're deficient, because your body is absorbing it. If it's the same color, chances are you have enough iodine.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2024 14:24 PM