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What's the cause for flat feet?

Flat fleet means that your feet don’t have the arch that they should have. When this arch is nonexistent or significantly flattened, it can cause pain and discomfort.

What could be the cause?

My opinion is that either a manganese deficiency or vitamin D deficiency at birth can set up a child with a weakened structure of the arch or a bone malformation.

You can massage the side opposite to the flat foot, which will stimulate it, making the body give relaxation signals to the bottom part of the foot. I want to provide you with some simple techniques to relieve the strain on the muscles of your foot so as to prevent and manage pain due to flat feet.


  • With one leg crossed on top of your knee, hold your ankle in one hand and gently pull your toes toward your body. (This is a similar position to standing on the tips of your toes.)

  • Hold this position for one second and then allow your foot to return to a relaxed position.

  • Repeat the stretch ten times. (This will stretch the muscles on the top part of your foot and allow the muscles on the bottom of your foot to loosen up.)

  • You can also kneel and sit down on your heels, which will stretch the front of your feet for some time so the soles relax.

  • Using your thumbs, apply pressure to the top of your foot to massage the muscles throughout the top side of your foot.

  • Find somebody who specializes in foot massage and have them work on the front part of the lower leg.

  • Avoid foot arch supports.stretches for flat foot

Last updated: May 05, 2023 02:12 AM