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I have inherited fatty liver - can I take choline with other supplements and food?

When you talk about hereditary problems with a fatty liver there's definitely several problems that could be related to the metabolism of fat and the accumulation of fat in the liver. Let's just assume that's what you have. You're on the right track, because choline is one of the key things. If you're deficient in choline, you develop a fatty liver. So the fact that you're taking choline, whether you take it with a meal it's more of a minor point. You might want to just take all your vitamins with a meal because that way you could actually have a little bit better absorption. That's what I would recommend.

In addition to choline, there are three other things that you should also do. One would make sure that you're consuming some type of probiotic food like sauerkraut because your microbes make bile salts, too. And that can actually help break down all this cholesterol that's going through your liver. The primary mode of elimination for it is the bile ducts and the bile salts. So if you have enough of those, you'll be good.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:03 PM