Weight Loss

I have no appetite should I eat?

Food has two purposes, to provide the body with fuel and with nutrients. If you are nutritionally deficient, which most people are, you may have problems going longer than a day without food. Low blood pressure and fainting episodes are common in people who go too long without eating.

Most people need to eat once a day, even if they have no appetite. If weight loss is not your goal, you should consume 2 meals per day, also if you don’t have an appetite. You don’t have to consume a large meal if you have no appetite. Try consuming a small salad with a small amount of protein and fat.

Your stomach will shrink when you’re doing intermittent fasting. Your requirement for food will be less, so you won't need as many calories. You won’t even need the same amount of nutrients in some cases. This may cause your appetite to decrease.

In the morning if you have no appetite, don’t eat! Go as long as you can, but try to eat at least once per day to ensure your body gets enough nutrients.

Last updated: Feb 14, 2024 15:45 PM