Symptoms, conditions and causes

I have weakness what do I do?

Weakness in simple words means lack of energy. Additional symptoms of weakness can include fatigue, feeling tired, etc. If you have any of the above symptoms, let’s find and remedy the most common causes for weakness.

Cause 1: High-carb diet

When you are on a high-carb diet you may often feel weak and tired. The reason behind this is that when you consume carbs, your blood sugar goes high. Although you may feel energetic, the feeling will go away very fast. Your body will produce insulin, which in its turn will lower the blood sugar, causing you to crave food and feel weak.

Additionally, consuming sugar in general will instantly make your body weaker! You can watch this video and try the experiment.


  • Avoid snacking

  • Avoid carbohydrates/sweets

  • Do the Healthy Keto® diet

  • Do intermittent fasting

  • Take potassium

Cause 2: Stress

If you have chronic stress, it can wear your body out. Lack of sleep or vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to poor tolerance of stress and the inability of stress-regulating organs to work properly. These can definitely cause weakness.


  • Take B1 (nutritional yeast)

  • Improve sleep (take naps if needed)

  • Take long walks

  • Avoid people/things that stress you out

  • Take magnesium and potassium

In case you have muscle weakness:

Muscle weakness could be caused by lack of vitamin E as well as by a lack of sodium. Taking both of those nutrients should resolve such an issue.


  • Take whole vitamin E complex

  • Eat seeds

  • Eat nuts

  • Eat leafy greens

  • For sodium, add sea salt

Other causes

  • Potassium deficiency

  • Infection

  • Fasting for a long time unprepared

  • Low thyroid function

  • Keto Flu

Last updated: Jun 20, 2023 14:18 PM