Where Do I Start?

I want to go on a ketogenic diet, but I don’t want to cause kidney stones. What can I do to prevent them?

If someone is going to get kidney stones or gout these are usually caused by high-protein diets, fructose, or high sugar which will not apply to you on the ketogenic plan.

However, with ketosis your body does become slightly more acidic because ketones are more acidic. Too-acidic urine can cause kidney stones and gout.

Try consuming 1 lemon a day by adding it to your water to increase citrates (they can help with uric acid stones and oxalate stones). Lemon, although acidic, will turn alkaline in your body – which helps to prevent stone formation.

Additionally, you want to be consuming large quantities of vegetables to ensure you are getting enough nutrients.

You can also increase your fluid intake, and add either 1 tsp of sea salt per day or electrolyte powder to help keep the fluid intake in check.

Here are some ways to help prevent stones. You may want to avoid cruciferous vegetables and spinach that add oxalates. If you consume foods with oxalates, you can add calcium with the meal containing them so oxalates bind with calcium in digestion instead of accumulating in the kidneys. Don’t consume oxalates and calcium separately, as this can cause stone formation; only eat them together in one meal.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:59 PM