Keto Diet Facts & Tips

If I go low-carb and low-insulin, will this lower my muscle mass? How can I maintain my muscle mass and still do keto and intermittent fasting?

It will not lower your muscle mass, provided you keep your carb content between 50 and 60 g a day, have 8 to 9 oz of protein per meal, and you are not deficient in vital nutrients.

It is true that insulin is an anabolic hormone. Anabolic means it makes things grow (in this case your muscles).

The problem is that when you spike insulin consistently (by consuming carbs and sugar), you start creating insulin resistance. This means that insulin will be dysfunctional and not working as it should. One of the big purposes of insulin is to help you absorb amino acids.

If you have insulin resistance you are not going to absorb amino acids very well, and this could cause a loss of muscle mass. When you do keto and intermittent fasting, you counter insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity, allowing for you to start absorbing dietary amino acids and proteins better.

While on keto and intermittent fasting your muscles become protected against the loss or the use of that protein in the muscle for fuel.

It’s highly recommended that you decrease your carbs and do intermittent fasting if you want to increase your muscle mass. Add exercise, not long- term running, but weights and higher volume to the point where your muscles are really sore. Maybe try keeping your carbs to 50 to 60 grams a day. We’re talking about healthy carbs like berries, nuts, etc., but don’t go crazy and do high carbs because this will keep you in insulin resistance.

You may even want to go a little higher on your dietary protein. Try consuming about 8 to 9 ounces of protein per meal.

There are certain kinds of protein that turn into body tissue more efficiently like whole eggs, meat and fish. On the other side dairy, soy and whey protein are very low on the list because a good deal of the protein is either used for fuel or turns into waste.

Lastly you may want to enhance your plan with a really good, complete amino acid supplement because it could give you an efficiency of 99% with only 1% being wasted.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:35 PM