Dr. Berg Amazing Self-Massage Tool

I'm experiencing discomfort in my sinuses - how can I relief it?

There are certain acupressure points you can work on to help someone breathe through their sinuses better. To do this acupressure technique, we are going to use my Massage Tool.

This unique acupressure device is like a tri-pod with different sizes. I like to start with the widest part of the tool. Depending on the size of your body, you may need to use a more narrow part of the Massage Tool. 

How to do this acupressure technique for sinus discomfort:

1. Starting with the widest part of the Massage Tool, place the device on the back of the chair behind the neck.

2. Sit back, resting your neck on the device. There are six vertebrae on your neck. The device should push against your second vertebra. The tool should not hit the point right under your skull, but about a 1/2 inch lower. 

3. Hold that pressure on the second vertebra for about 2 minutes.

Last updated: Feb 14, 2023 00:10 AM