Keto Diet Facts & Tips

I’m getting tired but at night I can’t go to sleep. Why is that?

  • Consuming water before bed can cause you to feel like you have to use the restroom, especially if you have insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. No water past 7 pm.

  • Excess caffeine can make it difficult to fall asleep. One 8 oz cup of coffee a day should be your limit. Limit caffeine intake.

  • Too much protein can act as a stimulant. Keep your protein consumption to 3 to 8 oz per meal. Limit protein.

  • Having too much energy before bed can make it difficult to fall asleep. Try using up your energy by going on long walks, exercising and doing physical work.

  • Catch the first circadian wave. Your first circadian wave is typically around 9:30 pm. Try to catch this wave to make falling to sleep easier.

  • Take a sleep aid before bed. Natural sleep aids can help you get to sleep faster when it’s time for bed. Calcium lactate is a great natural supplement that can help with sleep.

  • Keep your room on the colder side – A warm body temperature may keep you up at night. People tend to sleep better in a slightly cool environment.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:41 PM