Trouble with Keto?

I'm in deep ketosis but no weight loss - why?

Dr. Berg explains the real problem of why a person who is in deep ketosis and is tested positive for ketones but still has no weight loss.

Ketosis is shifting glucose metabolism into ketones and the amount of ketone you’re burning is about 40% and the rest are fatty acids.

Insulin resistance is the root cause of slowing the metabolism and stubborn weight loss. It was created for two things;

1. Amount of insulin that is been stimulated through the diet.

2. Time this occurred – exposure to insulin in a period of time.

Causes of No or Slow Weight Loss

1. Eating TOO much fat

2. Slow metabolism

3. Severe Insulin Resistance – it takes a lot of time.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:04 PM