Natural Remedies

I'm taking minerals for arthritis is there anything else that Im missing?

Vitamin D and magnesium are often used for arthritis, but they won’t work without enough boron. There aren't many studies on boron, but there is some promising data involving boron and arthritis. Boron seems to be the key trace mineral that allows calcium and magnesium to work. If you’re deficient in boron, you’ll have excess calcium and magnesium in the urine and tend to get more calcification in the soft tissues. You might also have weaker bones.

Here are some of the health benefits of boron:

• Helps keep minerals inside the bone

• Allows vitamin D to be activated

• Helps prevent tooth decay

Boron helps prevent joint inflammation by reducing C-reactive protein. A boron deficiency can also cause receding gums, kidney stones, calcium in the arteries, and calcium in the joints. The parathyroid gland stores the most boron in the body and produces a hormone that helps control calcium. If you don’t have enough calcium, the parathyroid hormone will increase to extract the calcium from your bones. You need boron to allow this process to work.

If you’re low in boron, you might also be low in testosterone or estrogen. Research suggests that boron can even potentially help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. To use boron to help relieve arthritis symptoms, try starting with 3 mg of boron three times per day and see if the problem resolves within 1 to 3 months.

Last updated: Apr 29, 2024 16:03 PM