Intermittent Fasting

Is a higher glucose level normal when testing outside of the fasting window?

It's going to be a little higher when you eat especially carbs. But it shouldn't be higher when you're not eating. The point is that if there is non pathological reasons for a higher blood sugar. For example you basically wake up in the morning and your sugar is high because really the liver is still has insulin resistance and that takes some time. But normally at eight o'clock in the morning you have a little spike of cortisol. You should have a little spike of blood sugars because the cortisol mobilizes this stored sugar.

Also your blood sugar could increase just from exercise. There's a lot of different reasons. I wouldn't worry about it. The main test to do to see if there's a big problem is to check your A1C that'll really kind of give you a better clue than even your blood sugars because it's an average of three months of blood sugar. But again, one way to cope with this extra sugar, if it's not coming from your diet is exercise because you can just burn it off and not have to worry about it and do other things to stabilize insulin resistance like the opposite of vinegar with diluted with water. Berberine is a good one as well.

Last updated: Apr 11, 2024 14:10 PM