Where Do I Start?

Is a keto diet good for diabetics?

The answer is yes because in both types of diabetes your sugar is high and your insulin will also be high. This is because, in type 1, you’re taking insulin and fluctuating between a high sugar state and a low blood sugar state and taking some carbohydrates to raise it. The big point: rarely does one focus on the things that trigger blood sugars in the first place. This is a deeper root cause.

If you could take the least amount of insulin to control blood sugars then you would receive the least quantity of side effects. High insulin is a bit more dangerous than high sugars, but both are equally bad for your eyes (retina), your kidneys, your heart and blood vessels, and your nerves and brain.

So the top two things you need to do are reduce your carbs and do intermittent fasting. Both of these actions will greatly take the stress off the cells of the pancreas and liver and allow you to take less insulin. Get with your doctor as you manage your medications on this.

Last updated: Dec 05, 2023 00:59 AM