Different Foods Questions and Facts

Is buffalo mozzarella healthier than standard mozzarella?

I think it really would depend on you with the cheese. You really have to find out where it's produced. There are companies in America that produce decent cheese, but hands down Europe has the best cheese in different parts of the world. And they do raw. There's some amazing traditional, authentic ways of producing cheese that have been kept standard for hundreds of years. But in America we do shortcuts with the Parmesan cheese. And I don't know about Buffalo mozzarella at all, but I do know there's different parts of Italy and France that just focus on this one type of cheese. And when I did the tours, I was just so thoroughly impressed with how they do it and the quality and the pride that they take. The best thing is to be able to find that some transparency, which is not really easy to find.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2024 16:15 PM