Different Foods Questions and Facts

Is cantaloupe juice beneficial?

They have nutrients, but there's a tremendous amount of sugar in those cantaloupes especially if you're juicing it. You're taking away the buffer, which is the fiber, and you're going to get straight sugar. So I wouldn't recommend that. Of course, I used to do that myself, and not anymore now. I used to juice mass amounts of carrot juice until I started turning orange, and I said there could be a problem with this. But it sounds like a great idea with the cleanse, but what are you cleansing yourself with? You're cleansing yourself with a lot of fructose and other sugars. And, of course, a lot of people have done the fasting for a week and then adding the lemon and maple syrup cleanse. When you start doing cleanses with glucose like that or juice, you never fully adapt into keto. So it's incredibly difficult because if you're trying to do fasting with blood sugar issues, it's torture. You're going to be craving pizza all day, and you're going to just be thinking about, I can't wait until I eat.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:07 PM