Natural Remedies

Is colon cleansing beneficial?

There are several different types of colon cleansing: 

• Colon hydrotherapy 

This is where water goes up the rectum into the large intestine and flushes everything out. This can flush out you’re electrolytes. You may want to take electrolytes after, so you don’t become deficient. You’re also flushing out your friendly bacteria, which would need to be put back in. 

• Herbal laxatives

Creates a purging of the material out of the colon 

• Colema 

This is a combination of an enema and a colonic. The problem is that it’s very temporary. It also flushes out your electrolytes. If you’re already deficient in electrolytes, this can cause dizziness and even affect your heart. The apple juice a person is supposed to drink while doing the colema, can also keep the blood sugars up, preventing ketosis. 

Fixing your diet (doing keto) may be the best way to go. Typically, fixing the diet can fix whatever issue caused you to want to do the colon cleansing to begin with. I’m not against colon hydrotherapy as a short-term solution for constipation or other conditions. But, it should be supervised, and the electrolytes and friendly bacteria need to be put back in. 

What you can do: 

1. Start fasting 

2. Decrease inflammation 

3. Consume phytonutrients 

4. Consume fermented vegetables 

Last updated: Jul 17, 2023 14:42 PM