Weight Loss

Is fast weight loss healthy?

Typically, people go on a low-calorie diet, and they feel terrible, they're craving carbs, and they're always hungry. They may hit their weight goals, but then they gain the weight right back because it's not sustainable. They go on the next diet and the next diet, and it ruins the metabolism. Now, you can't lose weight no matter what you do. 

Low-fat diets can also lead to feeling hungry all of the time. Doing a low-fat diet for a longer period of time could create deficiencies with the important factors in supporting the endocrine system, hormone system, and the system that helps burn fats.  

The real key in losing weight fast and doing it healthily is making sure that you never deprive yourself of nutrients, and by doing intermittent fasting.  

How to achieve healthy and fast weight loss:  

1. Fat-soluble vitamins  

2. Amino acids – Moderate amount of protein 

3. Minerals from consuming large amounts of vegetables  

4. Lower the carbohydrates as close to zero as possible  

Last updated: Jan 22, 2024 17:35 PM