Intermittent Fasting

Is fasting good or bad for liver?

Intermittent fasting is very good for the liver. The liver is one of the only organs that can completely regenerate if you have at least 25% of your liver left. If you look down and you have a gut, chances are you have a fatty liver. 

When you do a fast for 18+ hours, you can:

• Reverse a fatty liver (the fat on the liver can be used as fuel)

• Reduce an enlarged liver

• Lower liver enzymes (lower inflammation)

• Improve fibrosis

• Stimulate autophagy

The key is keeping your insulin low. If you’re overweight, chances are you have high insulin. If you’re a diabetic, you especially have high insulin. Fasting can greatly improve insulin levels.  When you eat, you’re stimulating insulin.

In the presence of insulin:

• You can’t release fat from the liver

• You can’t burn fat

• You have inflammation

*Intermittent fasting is essential to help with fatty liver disease. 

If you have a fatty liver, you may also want to try:

1. Taking choline 

2. Taking apple cider vinegar 

Last updated: Jan 28, 2023 03:38 AM