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Is fever beneficial?

Many times, someone will want to get rid of a fever as soon as possible. But, this is a big mistake. The normal temperature of the body is between 97.8-99 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.5-37.2 Celcius. These temperatures can vary slightly. Babies and children generally have a higher temperature. As we age, we run cooler.

The purpose of a fever is to fight pathogens and to help you decrease the duration of the infection. If you instantly try to break a fever, you could end up with the infection for longer than you should. A fever also helps mobilize and increase your white blood cells.

There are many natural things you can do to help speed up the cycle of an infection, such as:

1.Taking the right nutrients

• Calcium lactate, especially for kids

• Trace minerals

2. Fasting

When to call a doctor:

• 0-3 months — 100.4 F

• 3 months-3 years — 102.2 F

• 4-18 years — 104 F

• 18+ — 105 F

Generally, if the fever is lower, you may want to consider doing things to strengthen the immune system rather than automatically trying to turn off the fever with medications. A few interesting points about body temperature:

1. When a person is lying, the temperature of their forehead, eyes, and neck may go up. But, the temperature of their nose may go down.

2. Consuming red hot chili peppers may cause your body temperature to go up. Peppers are also loaded with vitamin C.

3. People tend to sleep better in a colder room.

4. When you smoke, you may increase your temperature. (I don’t recommend smoking)

5. When you get a fever, you may want to enhance the fever by staying hot.

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:03 PM