Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength

Is Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength safe without a gallbladder?

Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength is safe to take when you no longer have a gallbladder and can be very helpful with digestion as it contain purified bile salts.  The gallbladder stores bile which is necessary to break down dietary fats during digestion.  Without a gallbladder, you no longer have the availability of bile to breakdown these fats.  That is where our Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength comes in to help.  The purified bile salts will perform the role of bile and aid in the digestion of your dietary fat.

You can review the Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength product page for more information.  I recommend watching the two product videos on the page.  In them, Dr. Berg goes into great detail about how the Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength helps support digestion and health.

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Last updated: Dec 06, 2023 23:56 PM