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Is guacamole good to consume?

While the chips that people usually consume with guacamole can lead to health issues, guacamole itself has a lot of health benefits. Just be sure to consume it with keto-friendly foods.

Guacamole ingredients and benefits:

1. Avocados

• They contain monounsaturated fatty acid

• They support healthy insulin levels

• They support a healthy heart

• They help keep you satisfied so you can fast longer

• They are rich in phytonutrients

• They contain glutathione

• They contain carotenoids

• They help lower inflammation

2. Limes or lemons

• They are a good source of vitamin C

• They contain citric acid

• They may help prevent kidney stones

• They help support a healthy liver

• They help support weight loss

3. Sea salt

• It’s rich in minerals and trace minerals

• It’s good for people on the keto diet

4. Tomatoes

• They contain lycopene

• They support the heart

• They have anti-inflammatory properties

• They help protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation

• They have anticancer properties

• They support healthy bones

5. Onions

• They contain quercetin

• They may help people who have allergies

• They support healthy blood pressure

• They may help with gout

• They support a healthy immune system

• They may help decrease the risk of certain types of cancer

• They are a good source of vitamin C

• They support detoxification

6. Garlic

• It supports detoxification

• It contains allicin

• It’s antimicrobial

• It supports a healthy heart

• It supports healthy blood pressure

• It may have anticancer benefits

• It supports healthy gut microbes

• It’s a potent anti-inflammatory

7. Cilantro

• It helps protect the liver against heavy metals

• It has anticonvulsive properties

Last updated: Oct 30, 2023 14:47 PM