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Is it okay to have a glass of wine daily if I'm on intermittent fasting?

I probably wouldn't do it every day. And the problem is that it's not even the carbs. It's the alcohol inhibits the liver from making those ketones.So that's one issue.

And then what you could do, and I would try this as a substitute. I would get some kombucha tea and don't drink the whole thing just drink half of it. It's almost the same consistency as some carbonated alcohol beverage. And it does create a calming effect. There's a small amount of alcohol but make sure it has the lowest amount of sugars because sometimes they really don't leave it out. You should try kombucha because you can leave it out for even longer and have those microbes eat up even more of the sugar. And it's very acidic but it gives that nice, good effect to your gut because of all the lactic acid. And it can actually kill two birds with one stone. It can make you feel like you drank some alcohol but without drinking it. And then also it has the benefit of the digestion.

Last updated: Apr 10, 2024 14:03 PM