Natural Remedies

Is it safe for kids to play in dirt?

More specifically, they should be playing in the soil.

The difference between dirt and soil:

1. Dirt is dead. This could be sand, rock, or clay.

2. Soil is living. It contains bacteria and fungus, which make nutrients available.

There are two parts of the immune system. There is the innate part, which you're born with. Then there is the acquired part. The acquired part learns from the environment. If a child is sick, I believe the best thing is to let the child go through the infection while providing them with key nutrients and allow them to build up antibodies. There is a huge connection between the gut and the brain. There are a lot of microbes in the gut that play an important part in the immune system. The microbes work together to help keep pathogens from invading the body.

Potential benefits of children being outside more often than inside:

1. A decreased risk of asthma, allergies, and autoimmune issues

2. Less inflammation and respiratory illness

3. Improved mental health (both cognitive function and mood)

Last updated: Jun 13, 2024 15:16 PM