Natural Remedies

Is kefir a good probiotic for opportunistic bacteria if I have a leaky gut?

So I would seek out to to see if you could find a farm that has the raw milk and make your own kefir. There's a huge difference between buying kefir and making it yourself with a starter kit and using raw milk. There are things in the raw milk when you make this kefir that seem to bypass like people that have allergies and sensitivities and intolerances to things. I would at least try it because the kefir is hands down one of the best probiotics. It has a wide range of the yeast and the bacteria, and you could take some of that.

Now, so let's say that doesn't work. You have kimchi and sauerkraut. Those two are really important.

A good probiotic, you can get a spore probiotic which is a kind of a microbe in dormancy.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2024 15:41 PM