Where Do I Start?

Is keto bad for you?

It is not.

First of all, keto basically means fat burning. So: is fat burning bad? If you’re skin and bones, without any fat on your body, it would be bad.

Keto is bad if you own a junk food company because recommending that people don’t consume refined carbohydrates and junk food hurts business.

Now, we should differentiate between keto and Healthy Keto®. Just because someone does keto doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent healthy. Health comes in when you lower your carbs, leading to lower insulin. That’s very healthy. And it’s an excellent start.

It’s best to make sure the ingredients you choose on a Healthy Keto plan are, well, super healthy. You want to consume high-quality foods to make sure you get the nutrients you need.

Regular keto is a low-carb diet with moderate protein and higher fat. To get into ketosis, which is the fat-burning mode, you just need to lower your carbs. But the quality of the fats, for example, isn’t discussed.

In a regular keto diet (not a Healthy Keto® diet) you could eat hydrogenated oils, GMO fats and oils, as well as grain-fed animal products. To get the real, exciting health benefits you want to choose high-quality foods to make keto even better for you – although lowering your carbs is a huge change in the right direction.

If you are concerned about a ketogenic diet bringing harm to your health, you might want to learn the truth about something called ketoacidosis. It’s a dangerous condition, and very rare. It’s caused by running out of insulin and burning fat to such a degree that the pH of your blood becomes dangerously acidic.

This can happen only in certain circumstances, and here they are: If you’re a type 1 diabetic and not controlling your blood sugar. If you have a severe infection, injury, surgery, or a
serious illness. If you’re generally healthy and are doing Healthy Keto, you won’t be at risk for ketoacidosis. You’ll get into ketosis, but your pH won’t come anywhere near the danger zone.

You can see that the ketogenic diet isn’t bad. Fat burning is a good thing!

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 16:00 PM