Where Do I Start?

Is keto not for me if I feel better on carbs?

To answer that question, first let’s cover why you feel better on carbs.

Usually in this situation you are dealing with low blood sugars (hypoglycemia). With this condition you will find that you can’t go from one meal to the next without feeling irritable or you can’t handle going a certain amount of time without eating some carbs.

When you consume sugar or refined carbs this will raise your blood sugar and you will feel better. However, shortly after you will feel cravings and hunger again. This is because your body will produce insulin to lower the blood sugars.

So if you feel better on carbs it simply means you have insulin and blood sugar problems and a ketogenic diet is definitely for you. Once you get through the transition period (to fat burning), you will feel uplifted, with more energy and better cognitive function.

Last updated: Mar 26, 2023 23:54 PM