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I want my child to start keto and intermittent fasting with me. Is this recommended for kids?

Dr. Eric Berg highly recommends keto diet and intermittent fasting (IF) for kids: the type of keto that’s very nutrient-dense, with lots of vegetables. The essence of keto is low carbs. And IF is especially important if the child is overweight.

On average 1 to 3 year olds in America consume 12 teaspoons of sugar per day, and 4 to
6 year olds consume 21 teaspoons per day. This is a problem because our bodies were not designed to run on that much sugar. Giving kids that much sugar sets them up for blood sugar problems. Keto and intermittent fasting are very, very healthy for kids, but it can be hard to change your kids to this plan, especially if you started them off on high sugar.

Start gradually. You may have to begin with 3 meals a day, with no snacking between meals. You will probably also have to make alternative healthy pleasure foods to be given at the end of meals.

Last updated: Mar 28, 2024 18:59 PM