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Is MCT Oil good or bad for the liver?

Omega-3 fatty acids are very good for a fatty liver. This includes fish oil and cod liver oil. MCT oils, which are medium-chain triglycerides, are a unique type of fat that can be very good for your liver.

MCT fats are “burned” or oxidized into energy very quickly. Unlike other oils, MCT oil is water-soluble. Why is this significant? It doesn’t depend on bile or enzymes—you don’t have to break down MCT oil at all.

MCT oil bypasses your digestive system and is absorbed directly into the body.

MCT oil is great for:

• Dementia

• Malabsorption

• Epilepsy

• Supporting a healthy heart

• Those with no gallbladder

Keep in mind that MCT oil doesn’t contain vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids—so you’ll still need to get these in your diet when using MCTs.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 15:54 PM