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Is plant based meat diet good for a body?

Plant-based meat is marketed as clean meat. People are gravitating to these fake meats because of claims that real meat causes cancer and other chronic diseases.

The studies that were used to draw these conclusions were food questionnaires and observational studies. Out of 800 studies on the topic, researchers claiming that meat was bad only focused on 17.

An evaluation of the studies linking red meat to cancer by the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that the evidence linking red meat consumption to cancer and cardiovascular disease is too weak to recommend that we eat less of it.

New guidelines say we don't need to change our meat habits. No significant link between meat consumption and heart disease, diabetes, or cancer has been found.

Plant-based meat is full of ultra-processed ingredients like seed oils, soy, modified food starches, and GMO ingredients. Claims that plant-based meat is identical to real meat are completely false. Metabolomic studies have shown key differences in 171 out of 190 compounds in fake meat compared to real meat.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2024 15:32 PM