Natural Remedies

Is static stretching beneficial for the muscles?

Muscle always comes in pairs. You have something that contracts, something that's relaxing. So let's say you're trying to relax your hamstring and you stretch it. There's something called a stretch reflex, which counters the stretching because it doesn't want you to break that muscle. So within three seconds of stretching you have this reflex that comes in and counters that stretch. And so here you are trying to become more flexible and you're actually creating more damage believe it or not. But there's something you can do. It's a wonderful stretch by a physiotherapist, athletic trainer, trains the top of the food chain as far as athletes, Olympic runners. W

hat you want to do is you want to isolate the muscle you want to stretch. The hamstring, for example, and then you take the opposite muscle and you contract it. That would be the quad, the thigh muscle. You contract that while you're stretching in motion, hold at the end of range of motion for two seconds, let off repeat eight to ten times. It's really great stretch. You can do with any muscle in the body but the principle is it makes a lot of sense and it's working.

Last updated: Mar 26, 2024 14:06 PM