Sleep Aid

Is there a massage I can do for a better sleep?

Start at the back of the middle of the skull and, with your thumb, slowly massage forward toward the forehead. Press from back to front.

Make sure to go very slowly. Every so often, stop moving your thumbs toward each other. Use one hand to stabilize the forehead, and with the other use your thumb to press gently for several seconds in one place along the suture, to encourage a release. Be sure to press forward toward the forehead. Use your remaining fingers to support the back of the skull while you do this. Continue inching forward from the back of the skull to the front. Stop occasionally to maintain gentle pressure in one place with your thumb.

The only time you wouldn’t do this massage on someone is if they had sustained a hit on the top of their head.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2023 15:16 PM