Keto Food Questions

Is there a substitute for fast food on keto?

Now, many of you are probably eating non-keto foods – especially if you’re new to keto. There are many Healthy Keto®-friendly alternatives you can try out:

  • Burger buns – try bibb butterhead lettuce, frosted portobello mushroom tops, and napa cabbage/Chinese cabbage

  • Wraps – try cauliflower wraps

  • White sugar – try allulose, xylitol, erythritol, stevia or monk fruit

  • Maple syrup – try xylitol syrup

  • Cereal – try coconut chips, slivered almonds, berries and yogurt (sugar-free)

  • White flour – try almond flour

  • Noodles – try spiral-cut zucchini, spaghetti squash, or shirataki noodles

  • Lasagna noodles – try keto wraps

  • Mashed potatoes – try mashed cauliflower

  • Rice – try cauliflower rice

  • Pizza – try using a crust made of cauliflower with eggs and cheese

Last updated: Apr 16, 2023 17:58 PM