Weight Loss

I’ve lost too much volume in my face—will this correct over time?

I think what you should do is make sure that you increase electrolytes and more sea salt because sometimes when you get on the keto, you start dropping a lot of water weight and fluid because you're getting rid of this excess glycogen that's stored in there. And even think about like a bodybuilder before a competition, they carbo load. That's not muscle. They're trying to increase more fluid around the muscle to make it look bigger and fuller.

So I think instead of doing the carbs, just do the fluid with a little more salt so you can retain that. And then also, I think especially as you do this and you do it healthily, you're going to look more vibrant. And there's always going to be some issue with some people when they lose a lot of weight with skin sagging and things like that. But normally, if you add the exercise and gain more muscle, that should help. But I think adding more sea salt would be the answer.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:49 PM