Symptoms, conditions and causes

Menopause makes you look masculine?

High insulin levels goes up and that what causes polycystic ovarian syndrome – by starting to convert this male hormone, androgen. During menopause, the ovaries stop working and the adrenal glands backs up the ovaries and then when you get the sudden spike on the cortisol (stress hormone), it can then convert into insulin. He also discusses about what causes high androgen.

Symptoms of High Androgen Levels

• Male Pattern Baldness

• Alopecia – Patches of hair that comes out in different places.

• PCOS – Acne, facial hair, hair loss, deep voice

• Infertility

• Deep Voice

• Oily Skin

• Skin Inflammation

• Increase Sex Drive

Cause of High Androgen

• Insulin

Levels go up causing PCOS Reasons:

Eating a lot of sugar or not During Menopause, the ovaries stop working and the adrenal gland backs up the ovaries.

• High Cortisol – Sudden spike in cortisol at menopause, it can then convert into insulin.

• Decrease Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) – It is the protein in the liver that helps offer and regulate androgens, it keeps androgen in check and low.

• During Menopause, the body stops releasing estrogen faster than it stops releasing androgen.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2024 16:03 PM