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My child and I both have ulcers—what can I do? What can I do for acid reflux while also having an ulcer?

The most important thing is to get him educated so he can change the diet radically because the sugar, the refined flours, all that set him up for an ulcer for sure. Now, if you were to get him to have those green things called salads with radish sprouts or even broccoli sprouts will have sulforaphane. The sulforaphane will actually help if there is an H. pylori microbe, which usually is involved. And then that will put that thing back in remission and then they'll start to heal it with some cabbage juice and then also some zinc.

Now, the problem is if we start adding apple cider vinegar with an ulcer, now we're going to create a problem because you have to heal the ulcer first, which does take some months. You really can't get into the acidifiers yet until everything's healed up. This is kind of like just getting the person eating healthy. And if there's intense burning, I would add just a little bit of baking soda. That way it can that would be the only time I would recommend baking soda to help with the acidifying effect. It's not going to worsen things, but it'll actually give them some relief.

Last updated: Mar 28, 2024 14:28 PM