Intermittent Fasting

Should I continue taking my regular supplements during a 72-hour fast?

Just spread them out through the day. Not a problem. Sometimes people say we don't need supplements. We can get all what we need in our diet, but that's purely because you haven't looked at the research on these vitamin deficiencies, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin A. Also, you probably have not looked deep enough into the nutrition in our foods. Not only that we're not even talking about everything. Everything is kind of based on these RDAs this level of nutrition that only really handles a deficiency. It's just meant to prevent a deficiency. It's not meant to look at therapeutic dosage. What do you do when someone has chronic stress or fatigue, or they're exercising a lot so the demand is very much higher than someone else?

It's a different way of looking at nutrition versus measuring it in the blood and thinking you have enough, but this goes right into the cells to see if the demand is being satisfied for all the nutrients. That is a whole different thing than trying to depend on these outdated recommended nutrient levels like vitamin C and D and things like that.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 14:56 PM