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Should I do a vegetarian diet for hyperthyroidism?

You're doing the right thing by avoiding iodine because you have a hyperthyroid. It's working too much and more iodine is going to create more of a problem. The other thing what's really interesting about this is you have a nodule. A lot of times you can get rid of a nodule by taking iodine, but not in your case. You might want to take things that potentially can block iodine to a certain degree. And the cruciferous foods would be very good for you. But the other thing is make sure you avoid anything with bile salt or the Gallbladder Formula because that actually speeds up the thyroid.

It's good for a hypo thyroid, but not good for a hyper. The other thing is you might benefit from a natural B1, just the vitamin B1 and probably a little bit higher amounts. So whatever it says in the bio bottle, take twice as much. B1 is really good for a hyper thyroid situation.

Last updated: Apr 19, 2024 14:12 PM