Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Should I do juicing while on Keto or while fasting?

In general, I do not think that juicing is the best idea on keto or while fasting—unless you’re doing a juice powder. Why? Because many vegetable juices can contain more carbs than you would expect. In turn, this can low down ketosis and weight loss.

When calculating the carbs in a vegetable, you want to subtract the fiber from the total carbs, which will give you the net carbs. Juicing removes the fiber from the vegetables, which means you can no longer subtract it from the total carbs. One cup of juice will have more net carbs than one cup of whole vegetable because of the fiber content.

Additionally, juicing can remove a lot of the phytonutrients in vegetables. Phytonutrients have powerful health benefits. If you find it difficult not to have juice because of cravings, try using inositol. This is a form of natural sugar alcohol (known as vitamin B8) that helps with insulin resistance. If you can repair insulin resistance, you will have a much easier time fighting off cravings.

Bile salts can also help reduce cravings. Bile helps you break down and absorb healthy fats that keep you feeling satisfied after eating.

Last updated: Dec 20, 2023 15:10 PM