Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Should I do keto with an eating disorder?

It should be a healthy thing to do as long as you do it correctly. When you do Healthy Keto® and intermittent fasting you elevate your mood. They pull you out of those low emotional states and give you more self control.

A lot of people who have had eating disorders or still do are consuming a tremendous amount of carbohydrates, and they have some serious blood sugar issues that underlie the disorders.

Anytime low blood sugars are involved, they come with a package: all sorts of cognitive issues, mental derangements, anxiety, depression. You may feel “not yourself” and become highly irritable. The condition can push you out of real time.

When you have these emotions, you are not going to be in the present. You may have impulses to do things that you normally would never do. You can make wrong decisions.

You will notice, once you do Healthy Keto, that your mood goes way up! You really feel more like yourself, and you have fewer impulses to do destructive things to your body. It’s best that you do keto the healthy way, not restricting calories, eating enough healthy fats, and eating maybe two meals a day with no snacking. Doing these will help you to become more lean, but also healthier in the process.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:36 PM