Keto Food Questions

I hear a lot about bulletproof coffee on keto. What is it, and should I do it?

Bulletproof coffee is coffee with grass-fed butter, MCT oil / coconut oil, and cream blended into it. It’s consumed in the morning as a meal replacement. It’s a good thing, and can be a great first step to start out with because the fat in the coffee will allow you to go a longer period of time before feeling hungry again.

You should know that bulletproof coffee will trigger insulin a little bit. For most this will not raise blood sugars, but will raise ketones. The added fat can cause your weight loss to slow because your body will convert this fat into ketones and burn it as fuel instead of using your own fat reserve. Once you have become fat-adapted you may want to remove the butter and MCT oil from your coffee.

One bulletproof coffee hack is coffee, MCT oil, xylitol and 100% cacao powder. Xylitol is 30 on the glycemic index, not zero, so it does influence the blood sugars a little bit, but not in a significant way. The 100% cacao enhances cognitive function, it has cardiovascular protection, it helps your blood sugars, it’s anti-inflammatory and it can improve your mood.

Last updated: Oct 24, 2023 00:29 AM