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Should I reduce carbs or sugar on Keto?

When you’re doing keto, you want to count net carbs, not total carbs. Net carbs are calculated by taking the total carb count of food then subtracting the fiber content. Although fiber is a carbohydrate it has no effect on insulin. The less fiber the more food will spike your blood sugar thus raising insulin. Always focus on net carbs and keep them between 20 and 50 grams daily, or even fewer if you have a slow metabolism or you want to lose more weight. Don’t even factor in veggies if they’re leafy greens. Avoid tomatoes, carrots, and beets because their carb count is high.

You also need to understand the glycemic index, which indicates how foods affect your blood sugar. Items that have less fiber and more sugar will spike your blood sugar more quickly than foods that are higher in fiber. Fiber buffers the sugar response.

Take a potato as an example. A raw potato has a lot of fiber which lowers its net carb count. But as soon as you fry, bake, or mash it, its sugar count climbs astronomically. Or, for instance, one slice of bread has a net carb count of just over 10 grams or almost half of your desired daily amount. Not only is bread high on the glycemic index but the specific fiber, which is from grains, has phytic acid which depletes certain minerals, especially zinc. And it has gluten, which many people are sensitive to. So I don’t recommend grains or grain fiber. You want to get your fiber from vegetables. And you want to avoid starches like rice.

What about fruit? Well, for example, an apple has a net carb count of just over 20 grams. And it has 19 grams of sugar! Berries are much better because they have more fiber and less sugar, and are lower on the glycemic index. In other words, you have to take fiber, net carbs, and glycemic index into account when you’re considering whether to consume a certain food. Also become aware of something called the insulin index, which states how much a particular food will affect your insulin level.

Last updated: Jan 23, 2023 01:49 AM