Intermittent Fasting

Should I skip workouts when I’m fasting?

If you could work out while you're fasting you're gonna add a lot more benefit. But how do you know if you can handle exercise when you're fasting? Well you work out, and see if you can maintain your same amount of energy. If you can, then you've adapted. When you're working out the problem with workouts when you're fasting is you're tapping into your fat, and you have to be adapted to your fat, or else you might just run out of sugar. Because you're not adapted yet to ketosis, and then get really tired. So if you can maintain the same level of energy I would definitely work out while you're fasting. The brain doesn't need to adapt to ketosis. It can use ketones or sugar like that like no adaptation. So it's a survival mechanism because you need to have to do that. If you actually put ketones in your blood versus sugar, the brain will always choose the ketones before the sugar. One thing when you're starting keto, and people have headaches or side effects, that's when it's a good time to add the MCT oil to add more ketones so the brain feels better. That way you don't have any problems symptomatic with that. But there is no adaptation for your brain. Your brain can just suck up those ketones or sugar back and forth.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2024 15:40 PM