Where Do I Start?

Should I take exogenous ketones to help me be successful on keto?

You probably don’t need this if you are doing the ketogenic diet for real, eating healthily and doing intermittent fasting.

Exogenous means coming externally to the body, versus endogenous which means coming directly from the body. Exogenous ketones have become increasingly popular – promoting getting into ketosis within 3 hours. But doing this doesn’t emphasize correcting your diet, and it doesn’t require you to cut your carbs as low.

Using this sort of product completely defeats the purpose of keto and intermittent fasting. Taking these ketone salts doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is burning your own fat as fuel; you could actually just be burning ketones from the supplement and might not even lose any weight.

When you are on the ketogenic diet you create your own endogenous ketones by decreasing your carbs and using your own body fat as fuel.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2023 00:37 AM