Different Foods Questions and Facts

Should people on the carnivore diet worry about ketoacidosis, elevated ammonia, or elevated urea?

Well, you're not just eating all the protein to your eating a lot of fat. Okay, so you're eating fat which actually kind of offsets that and our bodies have an incredible ability to adapt to different diets. So some people have an issue.

Some people don't but the benefits of doing that, especially if you have gut inflammation, you just pretty much you're creating a healing response to your gut because in that situation your system is compromised where you can't tolerate these fibers or legumes or or anything other than some protein and so and fat. It seems to work, but I would recommend not just doing muscle protein. I would also recommend doing like the eggs, the fish, things like that.

But it's something to test the waters and then see how you do. Do I recommend it long term? It really depends on the severity of damage. But once your gut heals, maybe you want to start introducing things like sauerkraut or fermented vegetables in smaller amounts and gradually increase it after that.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:03 PM