Weight Loss

Sudden and Rapid Weight Gain - Why?

Sudden changes in weight have nothing to do with losing or gaining fat. Let's say you start keto, and the next day you are four pounds lighter—this is due to fluid loss, not fat loss.

As your body stores fat in the form of glycogen, you also store water. For every one gram of fat, your body stores three grams of water. High-carb diets cause you to retain even more water because your levels of stored sodium increase. Those with a lot of fluid retention often see the fluid build up around their feet and ankles.

The best indicator of success on keto is if your cravings are going away—are you less hungry between meals? If you can't go without food for a few hours, then you know there's a lot of room to improve your diet.

The best natural diuretics for getting rid of excess fluids are:

• Ketones

• Dandelion

• Uva Ursi

• Horsetail

• Celery

• Potassium

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:16 PM