Natural Remedies

The #1 Antihistamine Remedy for Sinus, Itching and Hives

Understanding Histamine and Natural Allergy Relief

Histamine is a key player in your body's immune response, but sometimes it overreacts, causing those pesky allergy symptoms:

  • Hay fever

  • Sinus issues

  • Hives, itching, flushing

  • Skin sensitivities

  • Sneezing, fatigue, wheezing

Cortisol: Your Body's Natural Buffer

Normally, cortisol helps balance out excess histamine. But, if you have low cortisol (like in adrenal fatigue), histamine can run wild.

Quercetin: Nature's Antihistamine Hero

Quercetin is a natural compound shown to:

  • Block histamine production

  • Calm down overactive immune cells.

  • Reduce inflammation and mucus (similar to Zyrtec)

How to Get Your Quercetin Fix

  • Food sources: Red onions, capers, kale, radishes, dill

  • Supplements: 400-600mg every two hours until symptoms ease. Taking with fat or bromelain can boost absorption.

Important Note: Quercetin is generally effective, but may not always provide 100% relief.

Additional Natural Allergy Support

Try these alongside quercetin for extra help:

  • Vitamin D (at least 20,000 IU daily)

  • Zinc (50mg)

  • Nettle root

Last updated: May 24, 2024 14:22 PM